Power that overflows beyond itself

As we gather as a broad and diverse Mennonite Brethren family for any kind of discussion, our clear use of language is especially important. This may be particularly true in the case of discipleship – a word that we seem to use in various ways. The definition of discipleship presented at the EQUIP study conference… Continue reading Power that overflows beyond itself

Get ready to #MBEquip2017

EQUIP is the 2017 study conference of the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches, re-envisioned to provide training and inspiration to professional and lay leaders in our churches on the task of discipleship.

Blogs from EQUIP Presenters

A number of our EQUIP Study Conference presenters have written blog posts on discipleship in preparation for the conference. Links to these blog posts on MinistryLift.ca are below:


Thank you for checking in at our Equip Study Conference blog page. Summary posts of the day’s activities as well as session summaries and photographs will be available here during the event.