Interactive webinar with Mark Wessner and Doug Heidebrecht

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Interactive webinar with Mark Wessner and Doug Heidebrecht

Exploring a model for interpreting Scripture today

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Below is a draft model for interpretation, discussed in the webinar. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1563463005120{padding-right: 5% !important;padding-left: 5% !important;}”]Access Doug’s slides from the webinar (click to view larger)



Here are some comments on the model that emerged in that chat during the webinar:

12:14:19 I definitely didn’t get that Disciple-Making and Mission were part of the model. Thought it was just a random title. How about an arrow from Community to D-M & M?
12:28:51 The first model shows the integration of the four more than the second model.
12:46:10 Another point that I like about the diagram — community is emphasized in the interpretation.
But we are always applying the scriptures to live out kingdom ethics under the rule and reign of King Jesus. Which would be illustrated through the cross (on the diagram) in disciple making and mission.
12:56:10 Meghan Good talks about this in her book… “Trying to comprehend Scripture without integrating it into lived practice is like trying to learn how to ski without ever leaving the lodge.”
12:56:17 apply = 1. make a formal application or request ; imply = 1. indicate the truth or existence of (something) by suggestion rather than explicit reference
12:59:25 Maybe the word could be integrate
13:01:44 Wisdom: was it wisdom that helped the church make a decision on slavery? because the bible condones it OT and NT
13:02:12 Would wisdom fit in the DISCERN connection between the Spirit and the community?
13:03:25 Is wisdom not the application of truth? Is it assumed in application?
13:05:07 And yet, we need wisdom not only in how we live it out, but we need wisdom in how we approach the text, which is a gift from the LORD maybe applied by the Spirit.
13:07:27 Part of the hermeneutical challenge is discerning between “conflicting” scriptures that point in different directions. And another part is figuring out what’s a helpful course of action to take.
13:07:10 Posture and wisdom seem to permeate everything, don’t they?
13:08:40 So our prayer for wisdom needs to be included in every part of the process.
13:10:15 I think we need special focus on wisdom in the application area, since that area requires a lot of discerning – both of the scripture/meaning, AND how to make that work in the world(s) we live in
13:14:24 One thought on the phrasing of the methodology… each of these verbs are things WE do. Maybe there would be something to be gained if we used verbs for what GOD is doing in this process? This might also aid concerns that Jesus (the person) is not explicitly highlighted enough here. Giving verbs to Jesus and his work would help keep us grounded in our relationship to him, and the authority that belongs to him.
13:14:28 Jesus needs to be central -— how do we not mention Jesus
13:14:32 I lean towards wishing that Christocentricity would pervade it all actually — wishing it would be explicit
13:15:18 as we hold a Trinitarian understanding… The Father has made Jesus king – and we are Jesus followers (Little Christians) living under the rule and reign of Jesus. So where does King Jesus get placed in a napkin diagram?
13:15:40 If Jesus is in the center of the triangle it would go a long way to illustrate this.
13:17:35 is “disciple making” = “discipleship” or “evangelism”?
13:18:32 These are the 2 main questions from our discussion. Where is Jesus and where is wisdom represented in the model?
13:19:53 Just wondering if we could include the word witness along with disciple-making and mission.
13:22:29 “witness” yes — maybe that is part of the mission because in our witness we don’t always make disciples (that needs to be a personal choice) but we witness to the kingdom while we are on mission
13:22:32 On “discipleship” – I’m concerned that the indvidual is discipled in the process of interpreting scripture – simple as that. I think Doug clarified it’s “both” or “all inclusive” so that’s ok – as long as people know the outcomes should result in people becoming more like Christ in their discipleship
13:22:48 If… the goal is “how then shall we live?”, then is application is the goal, then how much a part of that goal is how much overlap in agreement in interpretation and application?
13:26:14 The Confession of Faith is evidence that Mennonite Brethren have discussed various points, and come out with an agreed-upon statement of convictions. At least in the moment when delegates voted to receive a given article. I’d like to see a little more info on community processes that have been successful as illustration of the “community hermeneutic”
13:27:39 Wisdom, yes, to see that the OT and NT actually do not condone the trans-atlantic slave trade, and then, like William Wilberforce, to work against it.


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Interactive webinars are jointly sponsored by the MB Herald

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