Good group work?

I don’t typically enjoy working in groups.

I know it’s often necessary and there are many good reasons for working in groups. It’s just not fun.

At the MB EQUIP study conference, we had the opportunity on Thursday morning and again in the afternoon to practice what we had been learning about interpreting Scripture.

Of course, the practical application of this happened in groups because that’s how we MBs learn and make decisions.

And, I enjoyed it!

The process was laid out for us and we engaged with the text. The variety of personalities, background and context brought many different perspectives to the process.

My own ideas were pushed beyond what I would have discovered if I had looked at this text on my own.

My interpretation of the Scripture passage we examined was strengthened because of those I was working with.

I understand that we had keen participants in these groups, but that doesn’t mean I will not have great people to study with in my own context. It’s unlikely that I will make a wholesale shift to study Scripture only in groups, but I have a greater appreciation for this method and the strength it provides.

I will be looking for opportunities to make other people endure group work with me. We’re better for it.

Scott Isaak
youth pastor, Elm Creek (Man.) MB Church

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