Now we see imperfectly

Introduction Having grown up through the Mennonite Brethren tradition, I find there are many ‘core’ beliefs that I take for granted. Pacifism, separation of church and state, and adult baptism sound obvious to me. Of course, we should believe those! Aren’t they clearly THE TRUTH? A deeper exploration of my own convictions, and opposing convictions… Continue reading Now we see imperfectly

Good group work?

I don’t typically enjoy working in groups. I know it’s often necessary and there are many good reasons for working in groups. It’s just not fun. At the MB EQUIP study conference, we had the opportunity on Thursday morning and again in the afternoon to practice what we had been learning about interpreting Scripture. Of… Continue reading Good group work?

Encountering God in the text

“Interpretive Model Explanation” Method “Starting with the Text” with Mark Wessner and Doug Heidebrecht In marriage and family, we dig deep into relationship.  For these primary relationships in life to be enriching and long-lasting, they must go beyond the surface of life. They must engage our emotions and motivations – what is most personal to… Continue reading Encountering God in the text